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Italian simplicity.

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The aim is to keep things stylish like the Italians, but simple like the cavemen.

No need for fancy cooking kit or caviar.

In recent weeks we've cooked...

Homemade gnocchi, rosemary and sea salt focaccia, tiramisù, gnocchi, ragù, scallops, risotto alla Milanese, and marinated melon.

Aren't there enough recipes in the world?

Yep. There are a lot of places to get recipes, ideas, and inspiration from. Magazines, Instagram, TV. Some of it is great. Most of it is daunting.

You screenshot, bookmark, or rip out a recipe to try later. Later rarely happens.

There’s too much choice out there. Not here. Here you only get one recipe to satisfy your culinary curiosity. Take it or delete it.

"More than a hustler,
I'm the definition of it.

Master chef, lord of the kitchen cupboard.”


Where do the recipes come from?

I’m Fraser, a London-based chef trained in Michelin-starred kitchens including Le Manoir aux Quat’SaisonsDabbousDinner by Heston and Murano

Since returning from running a kitchen on Lake Como, I've cooked as head chef in private households for high-net-worth families.

Growing up, my diet was abundantly Italian: straightforward ingredients cooked well to produce great flavours. It led to an obsession with Italy - both its food and way of life.

Now I’m planning to open my own place in London: a new take on the Italian osteria.

What they said...

We made's delicious Caponata last night. Will definitely be cooking again.


Oooooh yes! Big fan of this one.



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